Pastor Eric Filkin


A Former Lawyer Leads a Church!?!

Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a healthy, Christ-centered leader. Bridges is led by Eric Filkin, a former lawyer who "came to Jesus." Come experience how your life can be transformed by Christ.

His messages creatively integrate God's Word with his experience as an attorney, husband to Cari, and father of four incredible kids. Their active lifestyle celebrates God's creation through swimming, biking, running, standup paddle boarding, and all-around outdoor fun!

Cari teaches third grade at Tavares Elementary School, which is right around the corner from church.

Sermon Sample

From the CREED series

More About Bridges Covenant Church in Tavares

Evangelical Covenant Church

Our Community

We are members of the Evangelical Covenant Church which is a denomination of more than 800 churches in the United States and Canada. Bridges Covenant Church and our denomination it belongs to affirm:

  • the centrality of the Word of God
  • the necessity of new birth in Christ
  • a commitment to the whole mission of God’s Church
  • the Church as a fellowship of believers
  • a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit, and
  • the reality of freedom in Christ


Our Call

We are a come-as-you-are community where those who have never been to church and those who have been hurt by the church can encounter Jesus Christ and grow in a relationship with Him and others.


Our Covenant (our A, B, Cs)

  • Assume the best about each others’ actions, motives, and words.
  • Be open with each other and be free to bring up opposing views. Be understanding when others’ views do not match our own. Be ready to walk hand in hand even when we don’t see eye to eye. 
  • Consider how our position on the leadership team is an honor not a privilege. 
  • Diligently and to the best of our ability learn and understand God’s Word and use It as our guide in leadership.
  • Envelop Bridges in prayer, by praying for each other, for our members and our attenders, and praying our prayer requests. Prayerfully ask God for clarity and wisdom of how He wants us to lead and what is best for Bridges.
  • Forge Christ-centered friendships with all who attend, especially with those who are new to Bridges.
  • Gird ourselves to be inconvenienced for the Gospel and to get out of our comfort zone to better realize the full scope of God’s calling for us as a local Church.
  • Help us to love God and love others! Matt. 22:37-40

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